San Francisco Travel: Decoded For You


Are you traveling to San Francisco? Need help in organizing everything you need for the trip? Fret not. We bring you the ultimate guide to traveling to San Francisco. We have listed together the items that you need to carry to have a memorable trip. Read through so you do not end up in If Only I had that with my situations.

Driving around in manual transmission in San Francisco is very difficult. It might get difficult to drive through billboards and outskirts of town that are mostly difficult to drive using a manual transmission. Bill Cosby has majored in the art of driving in San Francisco and listening to his album It could give you the much-needed insight into how it feels to drive through the city. The automatic transmission is the way to go here. So, be sure to rent a car that has automatic transmission feature to save trouble.

San Francisco can get very cold even during seasons where people think it’s sunny. Mostly only the month of September has the best weather in the city and carrying a sweatshirt or a jacket is almost mandatory. Many people forget to carry and they end up buying a new one at Fisherman’s Wharf. Even when you walk around, you could see a lot of people wearing a brand new sweatshirt bought at Fisherman’s Wharf. One could also carry cashmere sweater and long pants to save themselves from the cold. Remember, you need maximum protection to save yourself.

Most of the sights in San Francisco are walkable and it is the best way to explore the city. Going for a long walk helps in understanding the surroundings and relaxing. Walking down the world’s most crooked street called Lombard Street is definitely a walk to remember. Carrying sensible shoes rather than heels can save you from unnecessary painful heel and foot due to excessive walking. Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge is also quite an experience. So be sure to pack your walking shoes while visiting this place.

The city is such a photographer friendly place and there are numerous places that serve as good photographic spots. You could take photos while riding in the cable car, Golden Gate and Fisherman’s Wharf. What better place to make some memories than your vacation spot?

As clichéd as it sounds, San Francisco is the home of Levi Strauss and many businesses think wearing blue jeans is dressing up. You’d be surprised at people wearing jeans for many places here including movies and dinner.

San Francisco is one of those cities that is great for public transport. There is not enough parking spots and using public transport is a very good choice while visiting this place. Cable cars and bus rides are extremely pocket-friendly ad gives you a good experience of riding with the locals.

A Roll of QuartersSan Francisco is a great city to ride public transportation. If all the cars in San Francisco were to stop and try and find parking at the same time there would not be enough places to park. The system only works at all because some people are driving at any time.