Power Towers- Highlights, Pros, and Cons


Power towers are for people who wish to do a workout at their own pace having a home gym. The intensity and alterations on how you work-out vary depending on your body condition and your experience level.

You can start working out starting with 3 repetitions or 30 seconds and slowly increase when you have the stamina to do more. To get the most out of these exercises, you should be doing at least 12 reps and you can’t do that right on the first day. To make that happen, it will need some practice, but once you get the hang of it, then you can easily burn calories with ease. When you feel that you are overdoing and need a break better go with your instinct instead of tiring yourself. These workouts cannot be done taking intervals and should be done regularly for cardio strengthening.
Amidst the different types of power towers for various workouts, Bowflex 2016 is rated as the best power tower and has good customer reviews.

When you get old you tend to become immobile, which leads to disability. To overcome it, you should follow a daily routine to workout which is elaborated in Yale News.


It has an appealing modern design which gives an appearance that it will be the ideal machine for a workout right at the first sight. The main reason for its popularity is that it is safe and comfortable and if you prefer adjusting, it is pretty easy to adjust the horizontal bars based on your need.

Highlights Of Body Tower
· Adjustable horizontal Bars
· Contains Handgrips and straps.
· Highly durable steel base
· Will be able to do 20 exercises
· Easy use and easy assembling
· Contains a guide having extra exercises
· Padded Backrest

· With this machine, you need not stick with one machine you can change your workout in between and start with a different one. You can do several exercises with this starting from pushups, pull-ups, knee raise and so on.
· It is not a wobbly frame and has high-grade metal with padded backrest, handles. It doesn’t cause more strain on the muscles and is adjustable to our convenience.
· You need not worry about the weight limitations since it holds around 300pounds and the machine itself weighs 120 pounds.
· The guarantee of the product is not too long, but all the necessary details are provided once purchased.

Customer Review
On an average, it has the best customer review and users feel it have the same experience like other customers do.

• Safe and secure.
• An ideal workout for upper and lower body.
• Adjustable bars give flexibility over workout.
• Simple assembly of the machine.

Few people may feel it hard to dismantle but when fixed it can be left it to stay like that.

With no further doubt, you can pick body tower stations and it will not disappoint you for sure. You will not find much of a difference between the other expensive ones when compared to BodyTower.